Users complain of missing message alerts in iOS 14

Many iPhone users are having problems receiving notifications from Messages in a timely manner in iOS 14, with users not being informed via an alert or a red badge that there are unread messages waiting for them.

The problem, which seems to have been restricted to the iPhone 12 range of devices running on iOS 14 at first, has risen to affect a considerable number of people using other models of iPhone. An Apple support forum post titled “iOS 14 text notification issues” from September 19 currently has 43 pages of replies, and has been tagged with “I have this question too” by 5,265 users.

The errors mostly have the same symptoms, where users don’t see the banner on the lock screen, no notifications when messages come through, and no red dot indicator on the Messages app to show there are unread communications. Despite various attempts to fix the issue in different ways, ranging from restarting the iPhone to resetting it completely, and even to changing settings on other Apple hardware capable of receiving iCloud-synchronized messages, there doesn’t seem to be a solution to the problem.

An update for iOS 14.2.1 did address some MMS issues, but didn’t rectify the entire problem. Users have also complained about group messages, where some messages failed to come through while others arrived in a timely fashion.

An expected rollout of iOS 14.3 in the coming days may offer a bug fix, but it seems unlikely one will arrive with that release.

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