Sony has started refunding unhappy Cyberpunk 2077 fans playing on PS4

Sony is reportedly refunding Cyberpunk 2077 players annoyed with the game’s performance on PS4 even past the typical two-hour playtime limit.

A quick glance at the hashtag “Cyberbug2077” exemplifies the type of performance concerns and crashes players are facing, but base PS4 users, in particular, seem most affected, as detailed in Digital Foundry’s analysis that discusses the “exceptionally poor performance” on PS4 and Xbox One.

“I had to file a support claim online and sit on hold for over an hour to speak with someone, however they were quick to issue the refund and then delete the game off my library,” a player said.

The post also alleged that Sony was “issuing a business complaint to CDPR about the issues”, but there’s no confirmation of this claim.

“Spent an hour on the phone after being denied by Chatbot and I got my refund!” added another player. “Shout out to u/SirPanic12 for the advice on mentioning the game crashing and not being able to progress further. That’s pretty much all I had to say.”

Not all have been so lucky, though. While it appears some refunds have been secured, others are being denied. The OP later returned to the thread to confirm they had already removed the game from their PS4, deleted their save data, and “dealt with customer service in a calm professional manner”.

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